Lets Go – Emergency U Turn




Teaching your dog a “Let’s go” cue is helpful for times when you want to get out of trouble quickly by turning around.

To start with place a treat on the ground for them to eat before running behind them.

Say their name enthusiastically or make an interesting sound to get their attention. Look for the first movement of their neck as they turn towards you. Mark this and then reward. Keep it fun and practice until your dog turns every time.

Once this basic movement is reliable, you can add a cue. Simply say ‘let’s go!’ or your chosen word just before making your original sound. When your dog responds, mark and reward. You can continue to reward as you walk away together.

Practice calling them away from distractions such as food, toys, people and other dogs. Train lots with things that are not triggers for your dog before cueing this around things that worry them. You want to make sure that your dog loves playing this game and the more you practice, the more automatic it will be in an emergency.

Ultimately, you want your dog to turn around instantly and come back to you so you can quickly move away together.

Training a reliable let’s go, will help get you out of tricky situations and create the space your dog needs.

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