The Deconstructed Dog Walk




Walking your dog is not compulsory! But if you don’t walk your dog, you need to replace the walk with something else. So let’s deconstruct the dog walk to find out what to put in its place.

First what do we mean by a “deconstructed dog walk”? Think of TV programmes like MasterChef, where they create a new dessert. It has all the elements of a lemon meringue pie but it doesn’t look like a lemon meringue pie traditionally does.

Just like the deconstructed pie, the deconstructed dog walk has the ingredient of a traditional walk such as physical exercise, play, exploration, toileting, problem solving, training and companionship but it looks different.

It happens in different places like secure fields, gardens or yards, at home, in quiet industrial estates and “unpretty” places. It focuses on different activities, like scent games, parkour, ACE and trick training. And the elements may not all happen at the same time. So you might play games in the garden, drive out to a service area to do some training, and go to a secure field for a run around.

So rather than focusing on walks, think about what walks are for, and find other ways to meet those needs for your dog!

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