Prompting with Noise




Your dog’s hearing is incredibly sensitive compared to yours. They can hear higher frequencies and detect sounds coming from much farther away.

When your dog is focused on something and you want them to disengage, try making small noises such as clearing your throat, coughing, softly speaking a few words or making an unusual noise like a click or kissy sound.

You can also make sound with your feet. Drag your foot on the ground to create a noise and give the sense of some movement from you without actually moving.

Try whispering rather than shouting “this way”… Remember your dog can hear it just as easily! And you don’t always need to include your dog’s name – keep that for when you really need it so it doesn’t just become “noise” to your dog.

Your dog will be aware of the subtle differences in your tone of voice, so try not to sound panicked and remain calm so you help them feel safe and let them know they are making good choices.

So the next time your dog is engrossed in something and you need their attention, take advantage of their phenomenal hearing to prompt them to move on.

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