TTouch Balance Lead




When your dog reacts, it is natural to hold onto them tighter. You might pull them in, make the lead short or hold their collar so that you feel in control. But the risk with all of these is that they are likely to increase your dog’s reactivity.

The TTouch Balance Lead will help you contain your dog when you need to without triggering frustration or panic. It provides safe limits in which your dog can move and watch, but reduces the likelihood of arousal increasing.

The Balance Lead uses any soft, flat lead that is at least 6-feet long. Hold the lead about a foot from the point of contact to the collar or harness with one hand and the lead handle in the other. Let the lead between your hands hang in a big “smile”. Lower this over your dog’s opposite shoulder and bring the loop around their chest. Bring your hands together behind your dog’s shoulders and hold both parts of the lead in one hand.

What you end up with is the lead forming a loose loop over your dog’s chest and shoulders.

Your dog can continue to move within the loop of the Balance Lead so they are not tightly restrained but they can’t lunge or pull forward. You can hold a very strong dog using this technique.

Use it in situations where you want to keep your dog as calm as possible and remain in control where you can’t create the space you think your dog needs. It is also useful when you want to give your dog a chance to process and self-calm without risking them becoming more aroused through tension in the lead.

Think of it as a safety net but remember it is not a replacement for giving your dog appropriate space and training.

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