Less is More




“Less is more” is a good mindset to have that will help keep your dog actively making progress while not overdoing it with them. If your dog is in a constant state of arousal or concern, it is harder for them to learn new behaviors or to relax.

So give your dog the opportunity to relax and reset especially at three key times.

First, before you begin to work with known triggers, make sure your dog has had plenty of time to sleep, relax and enjoy enriching activities. This gives you a chance to prepare and plan for the upcoming training event and puts your dog in the best place to learn successfully.

Second, in between visits or training sessions, allow your dog to rest and reset to baseline. This allows time for their nervous system to process what has happened and relax. It also gives you the opportunity to process and practice what you’ve learned.

Third, after a significant stressful episode, it’s important to allow your dog time to recover physically and emotionally. This prevents your dog becoming more reactive to things that haven’t previously bothered them and gives you the opportunity to rethink training for next time.

So give yourself permission to relax, rethink and reset for both you and your dog.

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