Threat or Challenge Mindset




Mindset is really important when working with your dog.

You can either have a threat mindset where you focus on what might go wrong and worry about stopping bad things happening. With this mindset you will feel out of control like you are skidding from one bad place to another and just hoping you make it.

The alternative is a challenge mindset where you concentrate on what you need to do to solve the problem. You feel in control and believe you can do it even if you are still learning how.

You can choose the mindset you have by the way you respond to a challenge.

So your dog is reactive? How are you going to respond?

By focusing on everything that might go wrong or by paying attention to what you can do to make things better?

One simple way to cultivate that challenge mindset is through games. Games encourage us to solve problems and make us creative. They help us focus our attention and they can motivate us to win.

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