Using What-s in the Environment




While out on a walk, there may be things that appear unexpectedly. When these sudden changes occur, the environment can be a great source of help to keep your dog safe and prevent them from overreacting.

If you find a trigger is getting too close to you and your dog, look for things that can help block the view. You might be able to move behind a larger object such as a trash can or parked car while the trigger passes. Reinforce your dog for staying with you until it’s safe to move on again.

Using an alley, driveway or other open area can help create the space your dog needs. You can also keep your dog’s focus by doing other behaviors together such as fun tricks.

A row of bushes or a tree can be a great spot to encourage your dog to spend time sniffing instead of reacting to triggers.

No matter where you are when you encounter a trigger, there will likely be things in the environment that you can proactively use to help keep your dog safe. Sometimes all you need is a little imagination.

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