Pattern Games for Easy Walks




Pattern games give you and your dog a familiar structure to work within when you are in a distracting environment. They are simple, rhythmic behaviours that require very little training but provide a safe thing to do when things are potentially challenging. They all involve some movement, which is often easier for your dog than being still in these situations.

The important thing about pattern games is that they ARE simple and well practiced so they are easy for both you and your dog to do even under pressure. Many dogs will feel relieved when they get to play their game because it is safe and predictable. This can get you out of trouble, perhaps allowing you to walk past other dogs, or to wait calmly while other dogs pass you. They can also help your dog relax when they get over-aroused.

Pattern games can help your dog feel more comfortable about things that concern them, because they get to play a rewarding game whenever these things appear. So over time this will help reduce their overall reactivity.

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