Up and Down Games




The Up and Down pattern game is great to play when you can’t move away from something, such as when a dog is passing you on a path. You will need a handful of your dog’s favourite treats – these should be ones that are easy for them to eat quickly.

Start off training somewhere quiet, like inside your house or garden. Face your dog. Show them the treat and place it on the ground in front of them. Your dog will eat it and then look back up at you for the next one!

Mark this look and put another treat down on the floor. Keep placing a treat on the floor every time your dog looks up at you and you will soon master the “Up and Down” pattern game!

A variation of this with a little more movement is Ping Pong. Here you do exactly the same but instead of placing the treat on the ground in front of you you throw it a short distance to one side for your dog to go and get before returning and looking up at you. Throw their next reward in the other direction so your dog moves back and forth. Your dog will soon get into the pattern of moving from side to side in front of you – checking in with you each time they come back.

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