The Impact of Diet




It is often said that we are what we eat and the same is true of your dog. Food can be an important factor in over-reactivity in a number of ways.

Your dog needs food that suits them. There is no single diet that is perfect for all dogs so find a diet that works for your dog. Consider the quality of ingredients and avoid additives and colourants that may cause issues.

Be mindful of the protein sources as some dogs have sensitivities that can lead to allergies, discomfort, restlessness or over arousal. If your dog’s behaviour changes after eating, try an alternative and see if it makes a difference.

Also think about how your dog eats. Dogs are natural scavengers and searching for food allows them to use their noses. So use appropriate puzzle feeders, snuffle mats or scatter feeding for some of your dog’s meals. Chewing is an important stress reliever for dogs as well as excellent enrichment and exercise. So make sure your dog has the opportunity to chew safely.

If you feed your dog once a day, their sugar levels will rise after that meal and then dip when they have not eaten for some time. Drops in sugar levels can lead to irritability and mood

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