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Sometimes you can feel like you are not making any progress with your dog especially if they are still reacting to things that concern them. Remember that dogs are emotional beings and reacting to situations that worry them is natural. Your aim is to reduce the number of situations where your dog feels the need to react.

You can measure your progress towards this goal in three ways.

Firstly, track the distance from which your dog can comfortably watch a trigger. Is it reducing over time? It’s not a race to decrease distance, but keeping track of your dog’s responses will help you notice their progress.

Secondly, look at how quickly your dog recovers after a reaction. How long does it take them to relax their body language and show interest in something else? As you continue to work with your dog, they will begin to recover more quickly.

Thirdly, note the intensity of your dog’s reaction. What behaviours do they display? Is it an intense outburst or a single bark? As your dog begins to become less concerned, their reactions will change. It will be easier to interrupt them and regain their focus.

These are three key indicators of progress. Remember that even if your dog reacts sometimes you are still moving forward and should celebrate your wins!

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