The Cup Final Game




Cup Final is a really easy tracker game that helps you focus on problem solving and positive wins.

You and your dog are the home team: Team “Rover”.

Everyone else and their dogs are the opposing team.

This works whatever your dog reacts to but let’s look at reacting to other dogs as an example

You ‘score a goal’ every time your dog sees another dog and doesn’t react. You concede a goal whenever your dog reacts.

Your aim is to win the match – ideally with a whitewash score!

So if you see 10 dogs and your dog only reacts to 5 – the score is 5 all. If you see 6 dogs and only react to 1 – you win 5-1. You see 6 dogs and react to 4 – they win 2-4.

Cup Final gives you a fun record of your dog’s progress – is your score improving over time?

It helps you to keep perspective. One loss does not wipe out all your wins.

And it is very motivational! Instead of going out feeling

threatened, you go out thinking “What can I do to ensure my dog doesn’t need to react?”

The difference is huge!

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