Getting Enough Sleep




Getting enough sleep is vital for all dogs. Just like us, when our dogs are lacking in sleep, we often see reactivity increase.

Adult dogs need between 12-14 hours of sleep to maintain good physical and mental health.

You may have heard, “a tired dog is a good dog,” and it can be true. But a dog who is tired from lack of sleep is very often an over-reactive dog.

Help your dog get their sleep by creating a calm space in your house, free of sudden noise and distractions. Ideally set up multiple places to give your dog choice. If your dog is disturbed by noise, consider a white noise machine or play suitable music.

Make sure their sleeping places are comfortable. There are many dog bed options on the market – or you can let your dog sleep on your own bed or couch. Your dog may like to curl up but lying flat helps to promote REM sleep. This is the stage of the sleep cycle which is most rejuvenating and is when you will see your dog dreaming. So make sure that sleeping flat is always an available option.

Dogs are social sleepers so often allowing them to sleep in the same room as you or another animal can help improve their sleep.

Wherever your dog likes to rest, make sure they can nap throughout the day. Their daytime sleep will often be shorter in length which doesn’t allow for deeper REM sleep to kick in. So it’s important to ensure they also get the opportunity for longer periods of rest daily.

Next time your dog is having a difficult day, take a look at how much sleep they are getting. Rest for the body, and mind, can make all the difference!

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