Ear TTouch




Ear TTouch helps to release tension in the head and neck and can lower respiration and heart rate. It is usually very relaxing for dogs so is a good place to start, as long as your dog is comfortable with you touching their ears.

Hold the ear gently between your thumb and the rest of your hand with your thumb on top. Slide your hand from the base of the ear right to the tip. If your dog has big ears you may need to do this in several strokes. Do this very gently. Imagine your dog’s ear is a green leaf and use the pressure you would use on a leaf to slide without damaging it.

If your dog’s ear hangs down then slide down or out to the side. If your dog has prick ears then slide up from base to tip.

Always do a couple of slides and check your dog’s response. Work slowly to calm your dog and go on as long as you and your dog are enjoying it.

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