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When your dog reacts repeatedly, the first casualty is often the relationship you share. You become stressed and frustrated. You can’t do things that you want and you’re grieving for what could have been. This can damage your bond with your dog.

So it is important that you spend time building a strong relationship, doing activities that are enjoyable for both of you.

You can do scentwork with your dog, searching for food, a toy, specific scent, or even people.

Canine parkour is another great activity. Teach your dog to interact with their environment in novel ways. They can put their paws on an object, jump on it, move around it, go over or under it and much more!

Trick training is also fun. This includes simple tricks like giving a paw or doing a spin and more complex ones like taking a bow or tidying up toys.

These are all things that you can teach your dog easily that will help build your bond. You can even do them together on walks to make things more interesting and improve focus.

When you watch your dog find something using their nose, perform a Parkour move or do an impressive trick, you will see them differently. Celebrate the amazing being that they are!

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