What Dogs Need




To understand your dog you need to understand their basic needs. We can group these into inelastic behaviours which are needed to survive and elastic behaviours that are needed to thrive. You obviously want your dog to thrive!

To survive, your dog first needs safety. They need to have a safe space to be, safe companions to be with and freedom from pain and illness.

Second, they need appropriate nutrition and water and they need to eat it in a species appropriate way, which for your dog is scavenging and chewing.

Third they need body care – to be able to go to the toilet, groom themselves and look after themselves.

Fourthly they need sleep – and quality of sleep matters as we will see in another video. Sleep for dogs is a social activity so they do not do so well sleeping alone.

To thrive your dog also needs age and breed appropriate exercise, enrichment and play. We will look at these in later videos.

Sometimes you will see a big change in your dog’s behaviour when you change how you are meeting these basic needs.

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