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Choosing the proper training for your beloved dog can often feel overwhelming. Like their owner, each pet has unique needs and challenges that require a one-size-fits-all approach and a tailored, compassionate program. This is where the stories of those who’ve walked this path can shine a light on the path forward.

In our Bay Area community, numerous dog owners have found solutions and a deeper understanding and bond with their pets through specialized board and training programs. Their experiences offer not only proof of the effectiveness of these programs but also insight into the transformative journey of canine training.

This blog aims to highlight the impact of such programs, providing both inspiration and practical guidance for those considering a similar path for their canine companions.

Roxy’s Transformation: A Golden Retriever’s Journey

“I left my Golden Retriever puppy Roxy with Kaajal when she was around 5 months old. I was going away for a vacation and didn’t want to leave her at a kennel. I wanted her to learn some new things while I was away. And boy, did she learn new things! Kaajal doesn’t just train your dog; she trains YOU so you can better train your dog. Before meeting her, I had no idea that dogs needed mental exercise, I just assumed that physical exercise was enough to tire them out. 

But Kaajal has helped me do tricks and games with Roxy, so she’s tuckered out in both aspects. Kaajal will also go above and beyond. I’ve called her in tears before after being frustrated with Roxy (typical teenage hormonal dog behavior), and she’s calmed me down and immediately scheduled sessions to fix the issues. She will also recommend a good wine to drink for when puppy training takes its toll.”

Sara Lynn Hua (Mom of Roxy, a Golden Retriever)

Roxy transformation

When Roxy’s owner left her in the care of Kaajal for a board and train program, it began a transformative journey for Roxy and her owner. This Golden Retriever puppy, only five months old then, was about to embark on a learning adventure beyond basic obedience training. Initially looking for a meaningful alternative to a kennel stay, the owner discovered the value of mental stimulation for dogs, a concept introduced and emphasized by Kaajal. Through engaging Roxy in tricks and games, Kaajal demonstrated that mental exercise is as crucial as physical exercise in a dog’s development.

This case study shines a light on our expertise in addressing the holistic needs of pets. The training provided to Roxy wasn’t just about teaching commands but nurturing her overall well-being. Moreover, Kaajal’s approach extended to supporting the owner through moments of frustration, offering guidance and immediate solutions to behavioral challenges. This personalized attention and the emphasis on educating the owner highlight the core of our training philosophy: to foster a deeper understanding and stronger bond between dogs and their owners.

Roxy’s story is a testament to the effectiveness of our training methods, showcasing not only the remarkable progress a dog can make but also the empowerment of the owner in the training process. It’s a narrative that underscores the importance of a well-rounded approach to dog training. It values mental stimulation, owner involvement, and the ability to navigate the ups and downs of pet ownership with informed compassionate support.

Noe’s Transformation: A Testimony to Endurance

“I cannot offer a strong enough recommendation for D for Dogz Board and Train program! If I could give them 100 stars. Model D for Dogz is very smart; the best I have ever seen in a board & train program. I have waited a long time to write this review, because I know that a board and train program can wear off quickly if the people and dogs do not know how to continue the work and make the behaviors real at home, after the program is over. 

I am happy to report that it has been over 9 months since our graduation from D for Dogz Board and Train, and we are still going strong. I will never forget my first conversation with Kaajal. I was in tears and at my wits, but she wasn’t thrown off. She was kind and helpful, and I was immediately impressed by her responsiveness and empathy. When we met, I watched with awe as my puppy fell in love at first sight with the D for Dogz team. After a few moments in their presence, I knew I was in the right place.”

Monica Worline (Mom of Noe, a Bernedoodle Puppy)

Noe's Transformation

Monica Worline’s journey with the D for Dogz Board and Train program and her Bernedoodle, Noe, epitomizes a well-structured dog training regimen’s transformative power and lasting effectiveness. From her initial desperation to the awe-inspiring connection Noe formed with the team upon their first meeting, Monica’s narrative is a testament to the program’s deep understanding of canine behavior and its impact on pets and their owners.

Her testimony celebrates the sustained improvements in Noe’s behavior over nine months post-training and highlights the compassionate and responsive approach of Kaajal and her team. This story exemplifies the unique blend of expertise, empathy, and enduring support that D for Dogz provides. It offers a beacon of hope and a path forward for dog owners seeking meaningful and lasting behavioral change for their beloved pets.

Buffy’s Newfound Obedience: A Lab’s Leap

“We were desperately looking for a professional trainer for our lab puppy, who was turning into an unruly dog in the summer of 2018. Thankfully, we were referred by a good friend to “D for Dogz,” and I must say that we are extremely impressed with the outcome. Our puppy is a well-behaved dog now, and we get praise from family and friends only because of Kaajal’s hard work. Kaajal is a highly experienced and certified dog trainer. 

She is an expert in positive training, does not do leash popping, doesn’t use shock collars, and none of those controversial correctional measures we didn’t want our pup to go through. She is simply awesome. I was nervous in many sessions, but she made me feel at ease and gave me the confidence to work with my dog.”

Mollika Majumdar (Mom of Buffy, a Labrador Puppy)

Buffy's Newfound Obedience

In the summer of 2018, Mollika Majumdar faced challenges with her lab puppy, Buffy, whose disorderly behavior prompted the search for a professional trainer. Upon a friend’s recommendation, Mollika enlisted the help of “D for Dogz” and Kaajal, a certified dog trainer known for her expertise in positive reinforcement techniques. Kaajal’s approach, which eschews traditional punitive methods like leash popping and shock collars, transformed Buffy into a well-behaved companion.

This story underscores the efficacy of positive training methods and the importance of a trainer who provides skillful guidance to the dog and emotional support and confidence-building for the owner. Through Kaajal’s dedicated efforts, Buffy’s behavior improved significantly, earning praise from family and friends and showcasing the lasting impact of compassionate, expertise-driven dog training.

Transforming Tipper: A Journey to Confidence

KaTji clarified that we would have lots of homework with Tipper, and we have worked hard. KaTji has worked very hard with us, going the extra mile for Tipper and showing incredible generosity. If we didn’t give up, neither did KaTji. As a result, we have seen many positive changes in our girls over time, and many others have noticed, too. She has gone from a “lost girl,” in KaTji’s words, to being happy and comfortable in her skin. She loves pets and attention, can relax with us in front of the TV, and no longer has to be hypervigilant at home or everywhere she goes. We still have a long way to go with her–but she is gaining confidence daily.

K.D (Owner of Tipper)

The story of Tipper, a lab/greyhound mix, illustrates the profound impact of expert dog training on challenging cases. Despite previous efforts with various trainers, Tipper remained highly reactive and aloof until KaTji’s intervention. KaTji’s approach, marked by dedication, positive reinforcement, and a deep understanding of canine behavior, fostered significant changes in Tipper.

This case highlights the importance of tailored, compassionate training strategies and their transformative potential for even the most difficult situations, leading Tipper from a state of constant vigilance to one of comfort and happiness.


The narratives of Roxy, Noe, Buffy, and Tipper illustrate the transformative effects of dedicated dog training and highlight the expertise and personalized approach that distinguishes our programs. Each story, from Roxy’s discovery of mental stimulation to Tipper’s journey toward confidence, underscores our ability to address complex behavioral challenges with compassion and innovation.

These success stories affirm our commitment to enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners through education, empathy, and enduring support, fostering a community of well-behaved, happy pets in the Bay Area.At D for Dog, we’re dedicated to transforming your canine companion through our Board and Train program. We address individual challenges using proven positive reinforcement techniques, paving the way for lasting behavior change. Discover our approach and how we can support you and your pet.

About the Author: Kaajal Tiwary

Kaajal (aka “KT”!) loves puppies and is dedicated to getting new puppy guardians off on the right paw and guiding her students through the tough early days of owning a dog. Her goal? Transforming each bundle of raw puppy energy into the perfect adult companion. 

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