Success Stories

Amit Mazloom

Dad of Nico, an Australian Shepherd (Private Training Client)

“Great trainer and training program for puppies and adult dogs, highly recommend. Board and train is perfect if you can’t spend as much time with their dog as you would like. Value of services is exceptional. Kaajal truly showed she cared about Nico by helping us with suggestions and recommendations for food, vets, home remedies, and other veterinary specialists throughout the months it took for his stomach issues to settle. She has gone above and beyond any expectations I would have for a dog trainer and has really been a huge asset in my journey of learning how to raise a puppy”.


Sara Lynn Hua

Mom of Roxy, a Golden Retriever (Board & Train Client)

“I left my Golden Retriever puppy Roxy with Kaajal when she was around 5 months old. I was going away for a vacation, and I didn’t want to leave her at a kennel. I wanted her to learn some new things while I was away. And boy, did she learn new things! Kaajal doesn’t just train your dog, she trains YOU, so you can better train your dog.Before meeting her, I had no idea that dogs needed mental exercise, I just assumed that physical exercise was enough to tire them out. But Kaajal has helped me do tricks and games with Roxy so she’s tuckered out in both aspects.  Kaajal will also go above and beyond. I’ve called her in tears before after being frustrated with Roxy (typical teenage hormonal dog behavior), and she’s calmed me down and immediately scheduled sessions to fix the issues. She will also recommend a good wine to drink for when puppy training takes it’s toll.

Monica Worline

Mom of Noe, a Bernedoodle (Board & Train Client)

“I cannot offer a strong enough recommendation for D for Dog’s Board and Train program! If I could give them 100 stars. The model D for Dog uses is very smart; the best I have ever seen in a board & train program. I have waited a long time to write this review, because I know that a board and train program can wear off quickly if the people and dogs do not know how to continue the work and make the behaviors real at home, after the program is over. I am happy to report that it has been over 9 months since our graduation from D for Dog Board and Train, and we are still going strong”. 

Preeti Menon

Mom of Phoenix, an English Golden (Board & Train Client)

“We were having a lot of difficulty getting Phoenix to sleep in his crate and staying alone for even a few minutes. One of the reasons we chose KaTi is because her methods are very positive and not in humane such as shocking and scaring your dog into obedience. She is very knowledgeable and straightforward. She has done wonders with Phoenix – he is crate trained and has good recall, and is so much more calmer today at 8 months old. We get plenty of compliments on his behavior whenever we are out with him – all because of KaTi”.

Mary Bowles

Mom of Ginger, a Golden Retriever (Group Class Client)

“D for Dog is wonderful.!! Kaajal is extremely knowledgeable about dogs and the dogs love her. I have have been a dog owner for 25 years and I went to D for Dog to socialize and train my new puppy, She taught me lots of new information on how train my puppy in the basic skills and how to be have a socially appropriate dog. She is passionate with her love for dogs and helping owners train them. She is compassionate, friendly, caring and it all shows when helping you train your dogs. I have done several classes and will be doing more D for dog. I highly recommend Kaajal and D for Dog.”

Mary & Ginger

Mollika Majumdar

Mom of Buffy, a Labrador Retriever (Day School Client)

“Our puppy is a very well behaved dog now and we get praises from family and friends only because of the hard work put by KaTi. KaTi is a highly experienced dog trainer. She is an expert in positive training, does not do leash popping, doesn’t use shock collars, and none of those controversial correctional measures which we didn’t want for our pup. She is simply awesome. I was so nervous in many of our sessions but she made me feel at ease and gave me the confidence to work with my dog”.