Leash Reactive Dog Class

Online Training Course for Reactive Dogs

Transform your dog’s behavior with positive reinforcement techniques that are proven to work effectively on humans too…

Dogs bark & lunge on the leash for a variety of reasons – fear, frustration or excitement. D for Dogz provides a humane and effective approach to managing and changing your dog’s behavior.

The online course for reactive dogs helps you work with your dog at your own pace, along with the option to get personalized help from a Certified Dog Trainer.

Reactive Dogs Can Feel Challenging If We Don’t Address the Root Cause

A reactive dog is often experiencing stress. Reactivity in dogs refers to an exaggerated response to certain stimuli, such as other dogs, strangers, or specific environments. This response can manifest as barking, lunging, growling, or other aggressive behaviors. These behaviors are often triggered by feelings of fear, anxiety, or discomfort.

Stress and anxiety are common underlying factors in reactive behavior. When a dog encounters a trigger that causes them to react, their physiological response may include an increase in heart rate, shallow breathing, tense muscles, and other signs of stress. Reactive behavior is the dog’s way of coping with these feelings.

It’s important to address the underlying stress and anxiety in reactive dogs to help them lead healthier and happier lives. Positive reinforcement training, behavior modification techniques, and desensitization can be used to gradually reduce the dog’s reactivity by changing their emotional response to triggers. Working with a professional who specializes in reactivity can provide valuable guidance in managing and reducing stress-related reactivity in dogs.

The online course for Reactive Dogs focuses on getting you and your dog immediate relief by implementing strict management protocols to prevent the rehearsal of the behaviors and training alternate behaviors using positive reinforcement techniques

The Benefits of D For Dogz Online Reactive Dog Course

Work At Your Pace

Training can be tailored to your pace and your dog’s needs. It’s important to remember that every dog is unique and we need to work at the dog’s pace.

Working at your own pace ensures you and your dog are comfortable and not overwhelmed. This allows for a more positive and effective training experience.

Add Private Coaching and/or Reactive Dog Group Class

We offer personalized Private Training, Board & Train, Day School options to cater to individual dog owners seeking one-on-one guidance. Our experienced trainers collaborate closely with you and your dog to address specific behavioral concerns  tailoring a customized training plan. Particularly effective for leash-reactive dogs, our trainers employ positive reinforcement techniques to improve their confidence and comfort in social situations.

Our Reactive Dog Group Class provides a controlled and supportive environment for dog owners grappling with leash reactivity issues. Led by a skilled trainer, the class focuses on understanding the whys & hows of working with dogs who overreact in certain situations. Both options empower owners with lasting skills and a supportive community to promote a stronger bond and better leash behavior.

Be a Part of our Supportive Reactive Dog Owner’s Community

Joining our supportive reactive dog owner’s community can provide you with a network of fellow dog owners who understand and empathize with your challenges. Share experiences, schedule practice sessions, and resources with others on your journey.

By joining our community, you gain a support system to help you navigate the unique challenges of living with a “reactive dog in recovery”.

What is Covered in this Online Course for Reactive Dogs

In this comprehensive reactive dog training course, we’ll take you through a step-by-step journey to understand, observe, and transform your dog’s reactivity, helping you build a strong and positive relationship with your companion-friend. Let’s break down what you’ll learn in each section:

1. Understand

  • Identify reactive behaviors and their causes.
  • Learn why reactivity can be challenging for both you and your dog.
  • Explore the vital role of behavior triggers and their effects.
  • Understand stress responses and how they impact behavior.

2. Observe

  • Discover the importance of health checks and diet.
  • Learn to read your dog’s body language for clues.
  • Explore different dog body language cues, including mouth, ears, tail, and movement.
  • Use diaries and behavioral descriptions for effective observation.

3. Reset

  • Embrace the concept of “less is more” for effective management.
  • Focus on self-care, sleep, and relaxation techniques.
  • Learn alternative activities to walks and practical management strategies.
  • Introduction to TTouch for relaxation and stress reduction.

4. Build Confidence

  • Power up your relationship with pattern games and exercises.
  • Learn to teach essential skills like “Look at That” and loose lead walking.
  • Boost your dog’s confidence and safety during walks.
  • Foster resilience, positive responses, and a confident mindset.

5. Essential Skills

  • Understand your dog’s needs and preferences.
  • Master practical skills, including leash handling and emergency U-turns.
  • Teach positive interrupters and improve loose lead walking.
  • Explore various training techniques for essential obedience.

6. Grow Your Relationship

  • Engage in relationship-building activities.
  • Enrich your dog’s exercise and play experiences.
  • Learn to use positive reinforcement effectively.
  • Strengthen communication through games, focus exercises, and settling.

7. Advance Your Skills

  • Influence behavior with changing associations.
  • Use prompts effectively, including noise, body, and lead.
  • Manage doorbell reactivity and reduce lead tension.
  • Explore advanced techniques to enhance your dog’s responsiveness.

8. Ready for the Real World

  • Track progress for both you and your dog.
  • Practice stealth training and reactive behavior management.
  • Implement hazard awareness and risk assessment.
  • Prepare for emergencies and navigate real-world challenges.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to handle reactive behaviors, build a stronger bond with your dog, and enjoy a more fulfilling and rewarding relationship. Downloadable handouts for each section will further support your learning journey. Let’s embark on this transformative experience together!

Choose D for Dogz for Online Self Paced Reactive Dog Training Course

Customized Training Options with the Online Course

We understand that every reactive dog is unique, and we tailor our training programs to meet the specific needs of each dog. Choose from Online Course, Group Class for Leash Reactive Dogs, Private Coaching, Board & Train and Day School for Leash Reactive Dogs. Reach out to our trainer to schedule an assessment and create a personalized training plan for your pup. We focus on positive reinforcement techniques to encourage desired behaviors and help your dog overcome their reactivity.

Positive and Supportive Environment

At D for Dogz, we believe in creating a positive and supportive environment for dogs and their owners. We use force-free training methods that prioritize your dog’s well-being and emotional health. Our trainers provide ongoing support and guidance throughout training and after, ensuring you feel confident taking your new learning into the world. You will also be a part of D For Dogz Leash Reactive Dog Support Group & Membership Programs for a lifetime of support.

Proven Track Record of Success

We have a proven track record of successfully helping reactive dogs and their hoomans lead happier, and well-adjusted lives. After working with our trainer, many of our clients have seen significant improvement in their dog’s reactivity. We are proud of our satisfied clients’ testimonials and success stories, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in reactive dog training.

Have questions? Contact us now to book a consultation. We are here to help.


By simply seeing progress from one week to the next.

Is it realistic to expect a perfectly trained dog overnight or even in a week? NO! Is it realistic to see progress if you do your practice work? Depends on your compliance levels to our management and training protocols. It is ultimately up to you to continue implementing the training to maintain all the work done. Because of the fact that dogs learn at different rates and the fact that part of success depends also on the owner’s commitment, no dog guarantees can be made on the outcome of the program.

Ah! We’re so glad you asked this question.

We can guarantee to give you the tools and the training needed to maintain your dog’s new learning. Think of training new behaviors as “learning to swim” or “learning to drive a car”. Training is a process and it involves doing the work alongside the trainer or the program to maintain and build on your dog’s newly learned behaviors. Our course will install the skills in your dog but we highly encourage you to continue the practice on a daily basis and generalize in different locations and situations.

Guarantees by other trainers are just marketing strategies and oftentimes involve using shock collars and other aversive training methods which work quickly but are not reliable. Please do your research thoroughly before choosing the trainer and the training program.

Online courses are not a quick, magical fix. Anyone promising guaranteed behavior in a few weeks’ time is most likely using less-than-humane methods. While no training program can guarantee that your dog will be well-trained for life it makes the process a lot easier and often more fun — it sure gives you a foundation you can build on. Training is a process. It’s important to do the work and continue to build the behaviors your dog learns.

Yes, Diesel was a “reactive dog in recovery” and KT understands the support we need to navigate our “overwhelming” days. We will have access to a huge community of reactive dog owners, providing a platform to share experiences, reach out for help, and support one another in our training journey.
You can join a Group Class to strengthen the foundation and work in public places. You can also work privately with our certified trainer via Private Coaching Sessions, Day School, Board & Train or just be a part of our Ongoing Membership Group and create a personalized road map to recovery.

What Our Clients Say

“I took several classes with D For Dog and loved all of them. I really enjoyed that many of the classes were held in different locations around town so your pup gets to practice the skills in the real world.”

Kelly L, Mom of River & Kaylee, Pitbull puppies (Group Class Client)
“The one thing that sets Kaajal apart from other trainers is that she uses Positive reinforcement methods and is remarkably good at training humans in how they connect with their puppy as that sets the right foundation for a successful long term relationship with the pup.”
Mikkin P, Dad of Munchkin, a Labradoodle Puppy (Group Class Client)