Perfect Puppy – Puppy Kindergarten


Take advantage of the critical learning period (3 to 12 weeks) in your puppy’s life and get your pup off to a right start with a class that focuses on:

Appropriate Socialization: Safely and appropriately introduce different people, dogs, sounds, objects and more in a way that helps your puppy gain confidence and have fun.

Prevention of Fear, Phobias and Aggression: Confidence building when alone and other situations, being comfortable in the crate,  and other problem prevention exercises.

Solutions to Common Puppy Problems: Barking, destructive chewing, play biting, house training, and other behaviors normal for puppies.

Body Handling and Grooming: Teach the puppy to be comfortable being groomed, handled, and restrained — all of which are extremely important for vet visits and day-to-day hygiene.

In each class, we’ll also discuss common puppy challenges and solutions, learn to understand body language, and know what our puppy is communicating. We will teach our puppy to settle down calmly, practice self control, understand and respect boundaries.

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