Effective Doggie Parenting Tips

Woman Watching Television with Dog

As a child, I had many dog siblings and always wondered if there was a magic mantra to communicate with my dogs. Well, I mostly had about 8 canine siblings and 2 human siblings (all at once). So you can imagine the kind of mayhem it was. I got along really well with my canine siblings. It’s the human siblings that were a completely different world Phew!

Humor aside, you have a dog you love and adore. In a PERFECT world your dog is a Lassie, Beethoven, Milo or a Marley and life is la di da di da. But in the REAL world even Lassies and Beethovens are the product of team work at both the ends of the leash. As someone who is invested in dog behavior and now trains dogs for a living, I would say it’s not difficult for me and my dog to be on the same team, but as a dog-parent this was one of the biggest challenges I faced. I know that a lot of us dog-parents go through these confusing phases of whys, whats and hows. This list is to help you through your doggie-parenting on a day-to-day basis.



Keep checking my blog for more everyday real life experiences, tips and effective management techniques. Happy Dogs! Happy People!

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