Dogs in the Workplace

C for Companionship P for Productivity

Enjoy the benefits of taking your dog to work, without the stress and distraction.

Research has shown that workers who take their dog along to the office are happier and get more done. It’s no wonder that progressive dog-friendly companies experience greater productivity, higher staff retention, and a more positive workplace culture. But not all dogs come with workplace-ready manners.

If your dog could use some office manners, our workplace manners group class or private training can help.

If your company allows dogs—or is thinking about it—our corporate workplace manners programs can help you maximize the benefits.

Workplace Manners Group Class

If you’re lucky enough to work for a dog-friendly company you know the benefits of taking your dog to work. But that companionship comes with challenges, too. Our fun, innovative class will help you meet those challenges by teaching your dog to:

  • Keep happily occupied so you can focus
  • Go to her bed or crate and stay on cue
  • Ignore dogs and people walking by your office or cubicle
  • Calmly pass other dogs and co-workers
  • Say hello to co-workers with her bottom on the floor
  • Greet fellow office dogs calmly and politely

Enjoy real-life practice in class + a private 30-minute coaching session personalized to you and your dog.


All dog- and people- friendly dogs


6 one-hour sessions + 30-minute personalized consult


$300 includes 30-minute private consult
$630 for a Workplace Manners Combo Pack of class + 3 private training sessions

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Workplace Manners Private Training

Experiencing more serious issues with your dog in the workplace? We’ll create a personalized private training plan to keep you and your dog commuting together for years to come.

Program Fee: $195 for Goal Setting & Assessment Consult + $720 for 6 one-hour workplace manners training sessions.

Private Training + Class Combo Pack

Want it all? Combine Group Classes & Private Training

Having trouble deciding between group classes and private training? You don’t have to. With our Combo pack you can have the benefits of both.

Workplace Manners Combo Pack
6 weeks of group Workplace Manners class + 3 private coaching sessions: $630

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Workplace Manners AT WORK:

Corporate Programs

Receive the full benefit of dogs in the workplace through an innovative in-house training class designed to:

  • Reduce distraction
  • Eliminate complaints
  • Avoid incidents
  • Increase productivity

Your employees will learn:

  • Simple ways to keep their dogs gainfully occupied to improve their own work focus
  • Protocols for politely passing other dogs and staff in tight hallways and spaces

Your employees’ dogs will learn:

  • To ignore other dogs or people passing their office or cubicle
  • Respect for others’ offices and cubicles
  • Polite sit-to-greet behavior

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You’re already on the cutting edge of workplace culture with your decision to allow dogs in the workplace. Take full advantage by giving your employees the skills and knowledge they need to help their dogs co-exist appropriately with other staff and fellow office dogs.

Call or email today for a customized quote to maximize your productivity.