Day School for Leash Reactive Dogs


Assessment Consult & Goal Setting: $230

Day School: $6500 for 6 to 8 months of foundation training for leash reactivity

  • Day School Days: 12 weeks @3 days per week.
  • Transfer lessons: 30 minute transfer lesson every training week
  • Maintenance Sessions: 6 sixty-minute private sessions
  • Weekly 30-minute transfer lessons
  • 15-minute daily homework
  • Free Enrollment in a Group Class that fits your goals
  • 3 months of ongoing support after the completion of the training program (call or email anytime you have a question!)
  • Life time access to a Leash Reactive Dog Support group to practice with other dog owners
  • Free meet ups and group walks as they are scheduled – at least once a month

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Call us on 650 538 3011 or email YOUR peace of mind is JUST one phone call or email away.

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