Simran Sachdeva, mom of Puzo, a 7 year old Cocker Spaniel (Private Training Client)


Spot On! Kaajal worked with our Cocker Spaniel when we adopted him from a rescue at 2 years of age. We needed help integrating him into the family. She did the initial assessment/evaluation (about 90 minutes), spoke to us at length to understand our goals and limitations, educated us on the best possible options and set up a training plan. What I liked about her is that she gave “workable” and  “doable” solutions keeping our very busy lifestyle in mind (Both my husband and I have a busy professional life). Puzo loved Kaajal and took to her instantly. She seemed a natural with dogs and very amiable with people.

We did a 10 session training package (I initially thought it was a tad bit expensive but realized it was SO WORTH IT), where she would show us a step by step approach on house training, crate training and teaching manners to our dog and most importantly building a bond. We learnt a lot of tools to effectively socialize him. We did sessions at home and also at public places like malls, coffee shops etc so Puzo learns how to behave in various situations and we learn how to manage him. She is enthusiastic, extremely patient and really cares about her clients – both the two and four-legged ones (she made sure to follow up over the phone twice a week on what was working and what wasn’t considering our busy schedules and made necessary workable changes immediately). We highly recommend her to anyone who loves their dog as much as we do.

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