Sarah J. Schueler, mom of Alfonso, a 4 month old Maltipoo (Private Coaching Client)


I have been working with KaTi for about 3 months now and could not be happier. Our puppy Alfonso is a maltipoo and is now 6 months old. We received him when is barely 8 weeks old and he was no bigger than our palm. We have been working on some issues related to isolation distress, alone time, and all kinds of obedience training.

KaTi is a very responsive person, she calls you back within the day, and responds to all emails and endless text messages I have been sending. She really wants the best for your doggie, she is not just simply charging you and trying to make money off of you, but really cares and tries to propose the best package for you and your dog. We have had a combo of private lessons and group class. We really like the 1 on 1 and value all the advice we got during those sessions. She leaves you with homework and if you keep it up and check in with her for questions – your puppy will make progress. Alfonso is much better now on his obedience and we can see him starting to use his “puppy brain” to figure out how to please us 🙂 Alfonso is obsessed with KaTi – we just call her the Treat Lady 😀

Alfonso could not stay alone at all in the beginning and freaked out instantly (whining, crying, howling) and now he can stay in the crate 3-4h without a fuzz. We are also able to leave him unexercised now for 30min in the house and are continuously raising the limits. Which may not sound like a lot, but from where we started – this is sooo much progress. She really tries to figure out a plan particularly for your dog and your schedule. She does not just give blanket advice but really explains decisions. Sometimes it may seem like baby steps, but those go sometimes much further, because you are working at your dog’s speed and comfort.

She also has been a great listener to the human part of the team. She had to listen to me whining more than once on the phone and always had an open ear and some advice. She cares deeply for dogs and their human counterparts. We are going to continue to work with her and want to say THANKS KATI!

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