Sara L Hua, mom of Roxy, 5 month of Golden Retriever (Board & Train Client)


I left my Golden Retriever puppy Roxy with KaTi when she was around 5 months old. I was going away for a vacation, and I didn’t want to leave her at a kennel. I wanted her to learn some new things while I was away. And boy, did she learn new things!

Before, getting Roxy into her crate was a HUGE hassle. Have you ever seen a child throw a tantrum? Well, cue 30lb puppy throwing an adorable (but very annoying) tantrum every time it was bedtime. When Roxy came back from Board and Train with KaTi, she went into the crate without a peep. She would even crawl in to nap on her own.

Roxy is now about a year old, and she still sleeps in her crate every night.

KaTi doesn’t just train your dog, she trains YOU, so you can better train your dog.

Before meeting her, I had no idea that dogs needed mental exercise, I just assumed that physical exercise was enough to tire them out. But KaTi has helped me do tricks and games with Roxy so she’s tuckered out in both aspects. (I just wish I had met KaTi before Roxy decided to chew holes in my wall out of boredom.)

KaTi will also go above and beyond. I’ve called her in tears before after being frustrated with Roxy (typical teenage hormonal dog behavior), and she’s calmed me down and immediately scheduled sessions to fix the issues. She will also recommend a good wine to drink for when puppy training takes it’s toll.

The best part about KaTi is that she does positive training. No leash popping, no shock collar, and none of those controversial correctional measures. This was extremely important to me.

Is Roxy a perfectly trained dog? No, of course not. But thanks to KaTi, she’s on her way. 🙂

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