Samantha Fraschetti, owner of Raya, a 2 year old English Mastiff (Private Training for Behavior Modification)


KaTi is amazing! We have a very challenging female English Mastiff. We worked with KaTi to help our dog who has fear and aggression issues. She truly gets to know her clients (including the dog!) and puts all of her efforts and attention toward giving you the tools necessary to improve your dog’s behavior. She truly is an expert in her field! I always had a handful of “Ah hah!” moments when we were talking and working hands on with our pup. KaTi had new strategies to try that built on the previous steps we’d been working on, and it never felt as if anything was done in vain. There were times with my dog that I felt hopeless and concerned that her behaviors and personality would never change for the better. Yet, KaTi consistently helped me see that that is never the case. The techniques we practiced and continue to employ have proven to work for us. I could see some changes in our dog’s behavior immediately, and others I could seen over longer stretches of time, as we (the owners) used them consistently. Our new practices and routines have given me such a renewed sense of relief that while our dog does have unique quirks, they can be managed and corrected. We love KaTi and will be turning to her again shortly as we get our dog prepared to meet our new baby 🙂 It will be a challenge, but I have no doubt that KaTi will be able to put our minds at ease once more and do whatever it takes to help us get our dog ready!!

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