Matrayi Saxena, mom of to rescue dogs Rani and Begum (Private Training Client)


We were truly lost with our newly rescued dogs from India. They had always lived in fear when they were growing up on the streets surrounded by cruelty and ignorance. We opened our home to them but honestly, didn’t have a clue about how to raise feral/ stray rescued dogs who were conditioned to fear people and other animals. It was a herculean task that we couldn’t have handled by ourselves. We did our research and looked around for available trainers most of whom guaranteed a behavioral change in a given number of days but with use of some kind of forceful methodology. We weren’t comfortable about that and decided to look around some more.

It was by chance that we connected with Kaajal but from the very first moment we knew that our rescued dogs were in loving, kind and truly capable hands. Over the next few months, Kaajal spent time with us on a regular basis to understand our struggles that come with managing multiple dogs and created a step by step plan to TEACH US to manage their behavioral issues. She was always been honest and precise with her analysis on any given issue and shared it like it was. Her honesty was much appreciated.

That one thing that sets her apart from other professional trainers is that she is an A+ trainer, who uses her intuitive skills and deep knowledge to create harmony among dogs and their parents, and encourages you to adopt kind and cruelty-free training methods. She gives you practical solutions that are easy to adopt and has always been accessible for advice during the training period.

When you start working with Kaajal, you realize that she isn’t in this profession to make money; she is genuinely interested in creating harmonious relationships between people and their beloved dogs so that they may truly enjoy each other’s company for the rest of their lives.

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