Kathleen Goll-Derstine, mom of Tipper a 4-year old black lab (Private Training for Behavior Modification)


KaTi is a passionate, gifted trainer and we highly recommend her. We engaged KaTi  to help us with our 3 year old lab/greyhound mix, Tipper. When we first rescued our dog, we didn’t know were inheriting a “project.” She had been through at least 6 homes in her short 6 month life, and had not had a chance to be properly socialized, exposed to the world, or even bond with anyone. Tipper’s behavior problems (plus elbow dysplasia) were bad enough that, if returned to a shelter, she would most certainly be euthanized.

We are experienced dog owners, but went through no less than 3 highly recommended trainers, plus a certified vet behaviorist, and worked incredibly hard with her. Tipper remained highly reactive to just about everything, and often aloof with us, preferring the safety of her crate to being petted or played with. She would seriously flip out around other dogs. She flipped out at a lot of imaginary things. We were all stressed, tired of judgment from others about our dog, and out of cope. But we didn’t want to give up on Tipper.

Enter KaTi of D for Dog, recommended to us by our vet behaviorist. We decided to have one more try with a trainer, and she has changed our life. If only we had found her sooner, Tipper would have had much less bad stuff to unlearn (it’s really hard to find a truly qualified trainer, especially for hard cases like ours)!

From the beginning, KaTi made it clear that she didn’t know whether she could fix all of Tipper’s problems, but approached our project with unsurpassed dedication, enthusiasm, tons of support and lots of ideas. We really appreciate how she has made sessions fun for us and Tipper, and shows, in many ways, that she not only loves dogs in general, but our dog. No matter what craziness Tipper comes up with, KaTi takes it in her stride, always with support and encouragement, never judgement. Dogs love KaTi and so do we!

KaTi is a strong believer in focusing on positive training, and she knows how to make it work.  She creatively finds ways around problems. She really knows dogs and continuously keeps up with her education and advanced training.

KaTi was clear that we would have lots of homework with Tipper–and we have worked hard. KaTi has worked very hard with us, going the extra mile for Tipper, showing incredible generosity. If we didn’t give up, neither did KaTi. As a result, over time we have seen many positive changes in our girl, and many others have noticed, too. She has gone from a “lost girl,” in KaTi’s words, to being happy and comfortable in her own skin. She loves pets and attention, can relax in front of the TV with us, and no longer has to be hypervigilant at home or everywhere she goes. We still have a long way to go with her–but she is gaining confidence day by day.

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