Gregorio H, owner of Turco, a one year old Rottweiler (Group Class Client)


KaTi, is truly amazing, in simple terms, she is the best!!! She shows true and genuine care for her customers and their pets. When I saw her authentic passion for dogs, that’s when I knew I was working with the right trainer. KaTi has been nothing less than amazing for my Rottweiler and I. We did the obedience course with KaTi and have no regrets. My Rottweiler since then, has been great and continues to improve in all aspects. I’m improving and learning along with him also, since KaTi also teaches us, the owners how to work with our pets so that we can continue proper handling at home. Thanks to KaTi’s amazing training tactics and all her advice, I have a great, well behaved dog. Thank you KaTi for all your help, your sincere caring and all your follow up even after our course was completed, has made my experience with you an amazing one! THANK YOU!!!

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