Cara Galleher, foster mom of Luna (a Labrador Retriever), training to be a companion dog for children with Autism (Group Class Client)


I wholeheartedly recommend Kaajal Tiwari with D for Dog!  I am a first-time puppy raiser for an organization that provides service dogs for children with autism.  We had a dog for 12 years, but we never were successful with training her to not pull on the leash, to not jump on people, to not demand attention… The learning curve was therefore pretty high for me when I took on this puppy to raise. I was looking for a class that used positive-only/treat-based training, that didn’t allow dog-on-dog interactions, and that focused on good behavior in high-distraction settings.  The outdoor class at Ramac Park has been really good practice!  It’s not easy to take a class outside…there are airplanes flying over head, children riding by on bikes, lots of smells in the grass…!  Sometimes (well, often) I feel embarrassed that my pup is pulling me toward other dogs or jumping on Kaajal for the treats in her fanny pack.  But Kaajal confidently tells me what to do, what to work on, and how to improve my interactions with my pup….all with a great sense of humor (“Every time you repeat a command when your dog doesn’t obey the first time, you have to pay me $5!”)  She has endless energy and clearly cares about her clients and their experience (and relationship!) with their dogs. She loves her job, and it shows!
The thing I appreciate about her most, though, is that she extended herself to offer our pup-in-training extra support.  She said she appreciated what we were doing and knew the bar was high for him…she offered to give him more of her time to help him improve.  I so appreciate that!  Thanks for everything, Kaajal!

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