Jennifer Homan, mom of 2 Staffordshire Terriers, Harry & Gladys (Boarding Client)


I cannot express how great it is having someone whom my dogs absolutely love, and whom I totally trust, take care of my dogs! KaTi  from D for Dog is AMAZING! She took care of my 2 American Staffordshire Terriers. She treated them as if they were her own dogs and they loved all the attention she gave them. I loved that she texted me pictures and videos of how they were doing every day. It made going away so much easier knowing they were being loved and having fun with her. My dogs are high maintenance because they have a lot of allergies and need medicine daily. KaTi  was wonderful about giving them their meds and making sure they got them at the proper times every day. I am so glad I found KaTi from D for Dog because seeing my dogs extremely happy with her is definitely a 5 star rating in itself. I definitely recommend her for taking care of your dog(s).  I will have her watch my dogs every time I need to go away.

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