What do Adult Dog Board & Train or Day School programs cover?


Basic manners are more than just basic behaviors like sit, down, watch, leave it, and stay. Basic manners are about calm focus. They are about teaching your dog to be calm & confident – at home or in public. The Basic Manners Board & Train or Day School programs cover:

  • Basic Manners: Sit, Down, Come, Leave it, Drop it, Wait
  • Settle Calmly: While I make or eat dinner at home, outdoor restaurants and public places
  • Self Control: Walk on a loose-leash, greet people politely, wait at the door until released, wait in the car until asked to hop-out
  • Body Handling and Grooming: Teaching your dog what ears, paw, side, chin, muzzle mean. Stay calm while you clean their ears, brush their teeth and body, bathe them. Co-operate during a veterinary exam or a grooming appointment
  • Public Manners: Mind your own business in public places, chill at a restaurant or coffee shop, ignore people & dogs and more…
  • Have a specific training request? Let us know and we will accommodate that, if we can

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